Sunday, January 25, 2009

How do I know you?

Many times when I am out running errands I am asked "You look familiar, how do I know you?"
99.78% of the time I have no idea who this person is. Then the person proceeds to play the twenty question game. This drives me bonkers! I usually answer that I have a very generic face and I live under a rock in the hopes that they will go away scratching their head.
Do you resemble a celebrity? I have a friend that looks like Brendan Fraser if you squint while looking at him.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Heelarious Baby High Heels

I was listening to the radio after dropping my daughter off at high school when a commercial came on. It was for a children's clothing shop. Names of brands were rattled off including Baby High Heels. I thought that it had to be a brand of clothes not actual high heels for babies. I searched the internet and found out that it was shoes for babies. What do you think? Is it "Heelarious" or has the world gone mad?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Trash the dress???

I realize that I am a little out of touch with the world since we moved to a small town in the Midwest, but must I face this reality so often? My teen daughter brought home a list of outfits that she will need for a photography session. At the top of the list-"Trash the Dress". What???
My daughter acts like I am an alien that was just let off my spaceship here. She informs me that the she will need to bring a formal dress so she can "trash it". The photographer will have her in a mossy pond up to her waist IN THE DRESS. I swear the universe is testing me on this one. First ruining an expensive dress and second A MOSSY POND. Now that I think about it maybe her brother could be swimming in the background with his turtle friends...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Swimming with his turtle friends

Every three months my son stays at a respite weekend home. I like it because the staff has worked on and off with him for a few years. I used to drive away crying feeling horrible after dropping him off. I would spend the weekend holding his blanket and missing him. Pathetic, yes it was.
Now I realize a break is good for both of us. He loves it and he gets to go to really cool places. It also gives me and chance to hang out with my daughter. (who does not give a hoot).
I come home today to a message from one of the staff. The outing the weekend home went on was to the Oklahoma Aquarium.
"I need to tell you something. I kmow that you might be upset but also know that you will find it funny as well." My first thought was that my son jumped into one of the exhibits. Bingo! He did!!
He decided that he would like to float with the turtles and fish. I really need to cut back on him watching Finding Nemo.
(the aquarium staff assured my son's caregiver that the turtles would be fine)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

New to this...

I have a passion for reading other people's blogs. I love peeping in to their lives. My favorites are the random thoughts and fragments.
I am finally jumping in and trying this out. Wish me luck!