Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mountain Dew Mouth

Did anyone else watch 20/20 last night? The show was about living in the Appalachian Mountains. It was very sad. The area is #1 in the nation for tooth decay. We are talking whole teeth missing! The program mentioned that the residents use Mountain Dew as sort of an anti-depressant.
A dentist has spent over $150,000 on a Mobile Dental Clinic. He restores the adults and children's smiles-what an angel! It also mentioned that many toddlers are given Mtn. Dew in their bottles. Totally nuts!


  1. I wanted to see that but the TV was being ruled by adolescents. I wish I had DVR'd it.

  2. I saw it! So, so sad! It reminded me of the book Glass Castle. Heart breaking.

  3. I just have to say that I sat here and in five minutes read through just the posts that are on this first page, and I am so thrilled. I am amazed how you can say so much in such a little amount of words, get straight to the point, and make it well! And the range of topics is fab. I'm coming back!

  4. I wanted so badly to watch it, but, like "under the influence," my tv is often ruled by adolescents.

    Can I just say for the record...I love your layout. Very, very cute. ;)

  5. I saw the commercial but missed the program. That is so sad. but Im glad that dentist is trying to help. Mt. Dew is nothing but sugar and wonder they have rotten teeth.

    And thanks for the follow :-)