Sunday, March 1, 2009

Don't get around much anymore......

Does it seem like I just dropped off the planet? I have been up to my a** in alligators. I have learned one major point from all of this- multi tasking & autism suck! Have you ever played dodge ball (toys flying at my head) while cooking dinner with the volume of the TV turned all the way up? That is considered an easy time in my house. So you say where is your husband? He is busy playing Playstation like a teen in the bedroom. Don't worry, I 'll see him when he comes out and asks what is for dinner! I am so in need of a break. My son has been home from school for over two weeks now. My brilliant idea was to set up his bounce house in the living room to keep him entertained for over 2 minutes. A jack hammer would sound better than this thing! Enough of my rambling.....


  1. I hope you get that well-deserved break, and SOON!

  2. Can you get in the bounce house and jump around for a little while? Maybe hide out in there? Send your son in to play Playstation with the hubs? Maybe run screaming from the house and hope someone comes to your rescue? I'll keep thinking of ideas so you can get a break!

  3. is it his spring break?

    maybe mommy deserves a vacay too. let playstaion papa take over for a while ;)